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Welcome to The Brow Institute


We are passionate about every aspect of the beauty industry. Enhancing one’s natural beauty and working with the absolute best products and tools available for professionals.


We are devoted to excellence, consistently using top-quality products. Your satisfaction and growth as a beauty professional are our top priorities.

We’re always here for any questions, comments, or suggestions you might have.

Why Choose Thuya?


At The Brow Institute, we take pride in providing beauty professionals with one of the top brands for brow laminations and lash lift products – Thuya, meticulously crafted in their own laboratory in the heart of Barcelona, Spain.

 All of their products are Dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested.


 Results That Speak Volumes


No wonder they have gained a dedicated following worldwide. The proof is in the results and the countless professionals who have fallen in love with efficiency and gentleness of their products.



Integrity & Enhancement


Thuya stands out by maintaining the integrity of the brow and lash hairs. Their formulas are enriched with complementary ingredients that not only enhance but also strengthen, repair, and hydrate. Allowing professionals to not only offer services but treatments all at once.



Gentleness Meets Effectiveness


They are among the gentlest formulas on the market. The processing time is what you want to look at when shopping for lamination products.

Enhance the natural beauty of your clients with quality and trusted products.

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